Champagne League

Race 6 Raywell (Short)

HU16 5WG (This is the postcode for the Raywell Tea Rooms, close enough to get you there!)

Champagne League Race 6

Raywell (Short)

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HU16 5WG will put you in the tea rooms in Raywell Park, but you should see the cars parked at Wauldby Green, it's a short walk up through Nut Wood (Blue Bell Wood) to the start, allow 20mins.

Parking: You should in the first instance park consideratly around Wauldby Green and up Eppleworth Road, from here walk up through Nut (Bluebell) Wood to the start, approx 20mins. DO NOT park on the access road from Melton Bottom or in front of the farm houses either, as this is the race route.


Course Stats:

Distance: 3.8 miles
Minimum Elevation: 205 feet
Maximum Elevation: 374 feet
Total climb: 170 feet
Total descent: 169 feet