City of Hull AC Grand Prix 2017

The aim of the Grand Prix is to support local races, encourage participation and create friendly competition within the club.

The Grand Prix fixtures for 2017 competition are below. The basic format is 4 categories; XC, Sprint (5k or less), Sprint endurance (10k), Endurance (10mile to half marathon) and volunteering.

All categories will have 6 races in apart from volunteering which will have 4. 


Individual races

For each of the races, 10 points will be awarded for the club member achieving the highest age grade score down to 1 point, every one after 10th position in the age graded scoring who competed will be awarded 1 point. An additional 10 points down to 1 point will be awarded to the first male COH finishers, again all males completing the race after the 10th COH position will be awarded 1 point. This will be the same for the females.

To clarify, every member who runs one of the races, will receive a maximum of 20 points and a minimum of 2 points.

Club members can gain additional points by volunteering at the winter league races, champagne league races, Ferriby 10 or Drewton Woods XC in Nov 17. A maximum of 4 races will be awarded points. Everyone who volunteers is awarded 10 points.


Category champions

Within each category a champion will be awarded, both male and female. Best scores from 4 out of the 6 races will be included.

An overall winner of all the categories will be awarded Male/ Female COH Grand Prix 2017 winner.

Wildcard entry – each member can enter a wildcard race (must be of the same distance as Sprint/ Sprint Endurance and Endurance). This wildcard race can be swapped for one of the four races that counts in the categories. This race and result must be emailed to Jim Coldwell (

Parkrun results – need to emailed to Jim Coldwell within 1 week of participating to count.


XC Races


Sprint Endurance



Track 1mile

Beverley 10k

Ferriby 10


Track 3k

Burton Pidsea

North Lincs Half


Track 5k

Walkington 10k

Humber Bridge half

Bishop Wilton

parkrun* (Hull)

Grimsby 10k

Gilberdyke 10

Drewton woods

parkrun* (Peterpan)

Haltemprice 10k

Tough 10

Langdale End

parkrun* (Humber Bridge)

Deepdale Dash 10k

Major Stone Half


*Members must email Jim Coldwell with time ran/ date and which parkrun once they have completed one they are happy to submit.