New club kit order - Spring 2021

Deadline for orders - 30th April

Items available: rain jackets, long-sleeve tees, short sleeve tees

Following the success of the December bulk kit order exercise, we'll be doing another group kit order from Scimitar. This time we'll be taking orders for rain jackets, long-sleeve tees, short sleeve tees.


We get sizeable discounts by ordering in bulk, and these kick in at 26 (tier 1 discount), 36 (tier 2 discount), 51 (tier 3 discount) and 101 (tier 4 discount) units for each item. So if we hit those milestones, the cost comes down for everybody. We'll be updating this page on a regular basis with the current price. If it drops further, you will pay the lower price. Don't worry!

Short sleeve T-shirts - £25.20 (no discount, milestone not met)

Long sleeve T-shirts - £27.60 (no discount, milestone not met)







Rain jackets - £59.40 (no discount, milestone not met - first milestone for jackets is 11 items)

Prices updated: 04/04/21

Size guides

Scimitar's size chart is available for download HERE.

Payment & Delivery

We'll be collecting orders until 31st March, at which point we'll send you details for paying for your items. It's expected that Scimitar will need 4-6 weeks to produce and deliver the gear to us, so we'd expect to be in a position to hand the items out in May at club events. Further details will be made available as we eventually work our way out of lockdown.


How to order

We've prepared a form for you to complete, click the link below and we'll collect your order details:

Order form


Current orders (as at 04/04/21)

Jackets - 6
Long-sleeve tees - 13
Short-sleeve tees - 9