EYCCL Race 5

Langdale End

Host Club: Scarborough AC




EYCCL Race 5 - Langdale End

All RESULTS will be posted here EYCCL RACE RESULTS

Venue: Langdale End Village, Near Scarborough YO13 0BN

Location: Approximately 5 miles west of Scarborough.

For 2016 the race will again be the normal way round (anti-clockwise).
The race will start in open fields next to the River Derwent (10/15 minutes walk from Langdale End Village) and finish on the farm fields at Howden Farm.

Car parking is tight in the village and along the narrow lanes,  so please try to car share and park considerately.   The Moorcock Inn no longer opens on Sundays lunchtime.

Changing facilities and toilets (no showers) are available in the village hall close to the start.
Runners are reminded to remove muddy footwear before entering the hall.

Runners are recommended to wear studded off road shoes.

The route will be well marked and marshalled.

The route is the same as 2012 to avoid a slippery and rutted steep track ascent at Langdale Rigg End - see course description below.

The course is an 'anti-clockwise Horse shoe' that starts on open fields next to the River Derwent and proceeds North up the valley to cross the river near 'Low North Park'

It then has a steep/steady ascent all the way up through fields to the Trig point on Langdale Rigg End before a gradual descent south along the ridge. 

It then descends sharply to open fields and finishes at the old cricket pitch at Howden Farm.
Start is reached by a 400m walk (can be muddy) on a public footpath North from Langdale bridge.

Start - Open Fields near River Derwent - Head North across open grassy fields (keep right as can be very boggy to the left) to reach a new gate which will be opened for the race

The track narrows down to single file in places and continues to run North following the River Derwent. Deep puddles and tree roots are common on this track.

After winding through the forest a wooden footbridge is reached, turn left to cross it and then a marshalled river crossing (with rope).

A steep ascent follows up through forest to reach a gate onto open fields.

Continue to climb following the marked course to reach a flat grassy track.

Bear right along the track to reach the next turn

Bear left to climb steadily up hill to the top of the field.

** Course Change **

Do not bear right through a small old metal gate (pre 2013) to reach the muddy/rutted and slippery forest track.

Instead keep in the field and continue to climb steeply up the right hand edge of Langdale Rigg End. 

The course will be marked and a marshal will guide you to the trig point at the top.

From the trig point it is a straight run South, firstly through open fields, then over a style (marshal) and onto the straight well used track through the trees.

Continue southerly to another style and then straight across the open field, aiming for the distinctive gorse bushes at the far side.

Descend carefully down the ridge (can be slippery) and into open fields.

Bear right and follow the field edge for 100 metres and through a metal farm gate (marshal)

Bear left to skirt Howden Hill and descend through the fields to the finish at the old Cricket pitch.

Course Stats:

Distance: 5.3 miles
Minimum Elevation: 218 feet
Maximum Elevation: 762 feet
Total climb: 768 feet
Total descent: 711 feet