Humber Bridge 10k

and 2k Fun Run

Volunteer Page


We can't make this, and all other races work, without your help.

Please make the effort to volunteer. There are many posts available.

We need at least 30 people just for the HB10k plus people for the water station.

Please contact Denise on for more info

You will recieve training where necessary, and an illuminus vest, we can't say better than that!

We have two races to run on this day. The first is the kids 2k fun run starting at 09:00, then the main event starting at 10:00. So if you can, volunteer early for the fun run as well that would be grate. If you are attending to cheer on family or friends please consider volunteering.

Volunteer Marshal Points for the HB10k are listed in the interactive map below.

Most points require multiple volunteers to allow capacity to deal with any issues. Some points can be linked with an adjoining points and only require one person.

Ideally people will be placed on arrival, but if you would like to marshal a specific point we will do our best to accomodate you, just ask.

There will be a marshall brief between 08:00 - 09:00 in the morning (TBC) to issue illuminus vests and marshal infomation sheets.

We do not have a race photographer, so all marshalls are encouraged to take photos and upload them to a folder on the CoH Facebook page. Remember digital photos are free, take as many as you can.













Humber Bridge 10k Volunteer List
# Position Name            

Marshall Lead HB10k


Deputy Marshal

Denise Thompson

Jim Rogers

  Start Area Marshals

Rugby club

CoH Liason Person


Marshal Point 1

Redcliff Road choke point

and Cliff Road Junction

Dave Johnson

Fi Robinson 



  Marshal Point 2 First blind bend

John Smith

  Marshal Point 3 Southfield (Road) North Entrance Ian McCoid 
  Marshal Point 4 Cliff Top Lane Yannick Peron
  Marshal Point 5 West Hill (Road) Collette Conroy
  Marshal Point 6 Southfield (Road) South Entrance Eileen  
  Marshal Point 7 Devenport Ave Verena 

Marshal Point 8 Ferriby Road x-Roads

Heads Lane

Paul Cartwright

Kris Lecher


  Marshal Point 9 Ferriby Road Andy Guymer
  Marshal Point 10HB Service Road Pete Baker
  Marshal Point 11 HB Toll Booths Julie Thompson
  Marshal Point 12 HB Footpath

Stu Thompson

  Marshal Point 13 HB Westside Footpath off ramp Rupert
  Marshal Point 14 HB footpath under bridge Dave Hull
  Marshal Point 15 (East Side Bridge Walkway)

Angela Gill

  Marshal Point 16 (West Side Bridge Walkway)

Wayne Murtagh

  Water Station

Person 1

Person 2

person 3

Person 4

Person 5

Person 6

  Marshal Point 17 (East Side off ramp)

Derek Ricketts

Brian Lee

  Marshal Point 18 (West Side off ramp)

Susan Oliver

Tina Brown (TBC)

  Tail Runner / Cyclist

Steve Holmes (Cycle)

Person 2

  Photographer Anyone
  Finish area water, t-shirts and chip recovery

Shelley Dunn + 2

Katie Dunn

Person 4

Person 5

Person 6