Humber Bridge 10k

and Kids 2k Fun Run (ENTRIES ON THE DAY)

One of the Most Striking 10k runs in the East Yorkshire, area against the backdrop of the famous Humber Bridge

Date: 28th May 2017 @ 10am

550 lucky runners are going to be able to take part.


Can you help  and volunteer click  HERE for info

The 2017 Humber Bridge 10k.

Confirmed event date of Sun 28th May 2017 @ 10am.

No more transferes

No entries on the day Except for the fun run

NEW for this year chip timing is confirmed.

Numbers and chips for timing to be collected on the day

This is a no headphones allowed race. This includes any that sit in/on/around or near the ears!

If you wear headphones you will be disqualified.


Registration will take place near the rugby club pavillion. Open from 08:30, collect your number and timing chip from here


DO NOT park anywhere on the race route as shown below.


Parking is available on the rugby club field, use postcode HU13 0EG, directions will be posted on the day. There are some car parking spaces on the foreshore, but these are very limited and fill quickly with visitors to the area.



The Humber Bridge 10K road race is organized by the City of Hull Athletic Club, which starts from Hessle Rugby Club on the north bank of the Humber estuary, proceeds through the streets for almost 2 km before joining the East pathway of the Humber Bridge. After reaching the far end at Barton, the route then switches to the West pathway for the return leg, and retraces the road route back, to finish at the rugby club.

Water. There will be a water station at the halfway point.



There is also a Fun Run for the kids starting at 09:00. The route (TBC) is below.


Here the list of runners with some interesting facts!

Youngest runner 17y9m15d
Oldest runner 77y12m6d
Average runner age 44y6m7d

Male runners 229
Female runners 166

All the clubs entering are here:-

Ackworth Road Runners        3
Barton & District AC        18
Beverley Athletic Club        19
Birmingham (BRAT)        1
Bridlington Road Runners    5
Caistor Running Club        1
City of Hull AC            25
Cleethorpes and District AC    2
Danum Harriers            3
Driffield Striders        2
East Hull Harriers & AC        14
Fitmums and Friends        4
Kingston upon Hull AC        7
Lincoln & District Runners    1
North Derbyshire RC        1
Pickering Running Club        1
Quakers Running Club        1
Rotherham Harriers and AC    1
Scunthorpe & District AC    6
Selby Striders            2
Sheffield RC            1
Skegness & Dist. Running Club    3
Skyrac Athletic Club        1
UKRunChat Running Club        1
West Hull Ladies        7
White City (Hull) RRC        3
Wolds Veteran RC        2
York Knavesmire Harriers    2
Yorkshire Wolds Runners        11
UNAFILLIATED             247


Firstname Lastname Gender Running Club
christopher adams Male Pickering Running Club
Steve Adams Male  
Martina  Akrill Female West Hull Ladies
Howard Allen Male  
Steve Allen Male Barton & District AC
Karen Andrews  Female  
Andy Arnold Male Beverley Athletic Club
Christine Ashworth Female  
Pam Atkins Female Beverley Athletic Club
Gavin Atkinson Male  
Shaun Atkinson Male  
Karen Babb Female Fitmums and Friends
Marc Barr Male  
Daniel Barrass Male  
Sam Bartle Male Yorkshire Wolds Runners
David Bate Male  
Alex Bateman Male  
Shelley  Bell Female  
Shona Benito  Female  
paul bennett Male East Hull Harriers & AC
sarah bennett Female  
Theo Bennett Male  
Rachael Benson Female White City (Hull) RRC
Amanda Bird Female  
Darren Bird Male  
Ryan Birkitt Male  
Gemma Bishop Female  
Kerry Blount Female Kingston upon Hull AC
Matt Bonnar Male  
Penelope Booth Female Beverley Athletic Club
Kerry Boothby  Female  
Kelly  Borman  Female Kingston upon Hull AC
glyn botfield Male North Derbyshire RC
Paul Bowman Male City of Hull AC
Emma Bradbury Female  
Gemma Bradley Female  
Amy Brewster Female  
david brookes Male  
Annemarie Brooks Female Danum Harriers
Derek Brooks Male  
Natalie Brown Female  
Sam Brown Male  
Danny Brunton Male Bridlington Road Runners
Harry Bryan Male  
Ruth Bryan Female  
james  burnham Male  
Richard Burtle Male Caistor Running Club
Helen Cattermole Female  
Neil Cavill Male  
Helen Cawkwell Female Barton & District AC
Alistair Chapman Male  
Justin Choat Male  
Mathew Clarke Male  
steve Clarke Male  
Carol Clayton Female  
Alex Cleeland Male  
Janice Clipson Female Barton & District AC
Alan Coates Male  
Adam Coffey Male  
Emma Coffey Female  
Carol  Cook Female  
Graham Cook Male City of Hull AC
Jeffrey  Copping  Male City of Hull AC
Eve Couch Female Barton & District AC
Gareth Coulson Male  
Vikkie Cowey Female  
Lee Craig Male  
Lee  Craven  Male Kingston upon Hull AC
Robert Croll Male  
Laura Cropper Female East Hull Harriers & AC
Carl Cross Male  
Jason Cuerden Male  
Steve Cunningham Male Scarborough Athletic Club
Rebecca Dam Female  
pat danby Female  
Christian  Davies male East Hull Harriers & AC
Quintina  Davies Female  
Paul Davis Male City of Hull AC
Sally Dean Female  
Steve Dennison Male  
Maria Diaz Female West Hull Ladies
Stephen Dobbs Male  
Linda Dodsworth Female West Hull Ladies
Ben Donkin Male  
Martin Downer Male  
Simon Downs Male Kingston upon Hull AC
Chris Dunn Male Beverley Athletic Club
Shelley Dunn Female City of Hull AC
James Durham Male Beverley Athletic Club
Linda Easton Female  
Nigel Eddy Male Quakers Running Club
Darren Edge Male Beverley Athletic Club
Craig Edwards Male Cleethorpes and District AC
Simon Ellerker Male Bridlington Road Runners
Vickie Ellerker Female Bridlington Road Runners
Andy Elliott Male  
Allison English Female  
Joe Evans Male  
Martin Evans Male  
Tom Evans Male  
Claire Everingham Female  
Gail Farr Female West Hull Ladies
wayne farr Male  
david farrell Male  
Kay Farrow Female Beverley Athletic Club
Richard Fawcett male  
Ian Fenton Male  
Peter Fenwick Male  
Duncan Ferguson Male  
Delfina Ferrero Female  
Jennifer Few Female  
Emma Finer Female  
Joe Finer Male  
Sally Fisher Female  
Helen Foulston  Female  
Nick Frere Male City of Hull AC
Steve Froggatt Male Lincoln & District Runners
Rebecca Gaines Female  
Brian gamble Male  
Elaine  Garvican  Female Beverley Athletic Club
Alec  Gibson Male East Hull Harriers & AC
David Gibson  Male  
Jon Gladwin Male  
Pam Gladwin Female  
Stephen Glenville Male City of Hull AC
Amy Goaman Female  
Jamie Gould Male  
Jessica Gould Female  
Andrew Grainger Male Beverley Athletic Club
Andrew Gray Male Beverley Athletic Club
John Gray Male Fitmums and Friends
Adelle Grierson  Female  
Andrew  Grierson  Male  
Lester Griffiths Bartlett Male  
Cassie Hagger Female  
Andrew Hall Male  
Graham Hall Male East Hull Harriers & AC
Gillian Halliwell Female Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Jean Halstad Female Barton & District AC
Glyn Handley  Male  
Paul Harby Male Fitmums and Friends
Jackie Hardman Female Beverley Athletic Club
Gary Hare Male  
Jim Harlock Male City of Hull AC
Joe Harper Male Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Karyn Harper Female Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Robert Harper Male Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Kate Harrison Female  
Pam Harrison Female  
David Hart Male  
Andy Hazelwood Male  
kim hewson Female  
Angela Hill Female  
Shelley Hindley Female West Hull Ladies
Louise Hindmarsh Female Barton & District AC
ian hird Male City of Hull AC
Susan Hobbins  Female Wolds Veteran RC
Martina  Hodgson Female Barton & District AC
Martin Hoe-Richardson Male  
Becky Holmes Female  
Jean-luc Holmes De-Wyvill Sinclair Male  
Keith Holmes De-Wyvill Sinclair Male  
Jill Hood Female  
Samantha  Hoodless Female  
Liz Hopkins Female  
John Horncastle Male  
Carl Horth Male  
Daniel Howard Male  
Paul Howard Male Barton & District AC
Jenny Hoy Female Barton & District AC
Christopher  Hudson Male  
Simon Hudson Male  
Rebecca Hunter Female  
Lee Hurst Male  
Lynn Hutchinson Female  
Nicholas Hutchinson Male Danum Harriers
Rachel Hyde Female  
Dominic Ibson Male  
Andrew Jackson Male Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Daniel Jackson Male  
kelly jackson Female  
Melissa Jackson Female  
Nikki Jackson Female  
Melanie James Female Scunthorpe & District AC
Katie Jasiewicz  Female  
Jonathan Jeffs Male  
Toni Jenkinson Female York Knavesmire Harriers
andrew johnson Male Beverley Athletic Club
Oliver Johnston Male Beverley Athletic Club
Catherine Jones Female Ackworth Road Runners
Marie Jones Female  
Nick Jordan Male Bridlington Road Runners
GRAHAM JUSTICE Male Beverley Athletic Club
Philip Kay Male  
Laura Kaye Female  
Joshua Keighley Male  
Janet Kelly Female  
Jannette Kelly Female  
Andrew Kenny  Male  
Deborah Key Female  
Tracey Kidd Female  
Russel killick Male  
Sam Kind Male  
Heather King Female  
Georgina Kirk Female  
philip kirkham Male  
Chris  Knowles Male  
Helen Krydowska Female  
Gavin Kulin Male  
lisa Lambert Female  
Sarah Lambert Female  
claire Larke Female Barton & District AC
Daniel Lawson Male  
Sophie Lee Female City of Hull AC
Nick Lewis Male Birmingham (BRAT)
Sarah Lewsam Female  
Darren Lillford Male  
Tracey Lince Female Barton & District AC
Darren Lythe Male Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Susan Lythe Female Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Nigel Mann Male  
Michael Markham Male  
Scott Marrison Male Barton & District AC
Craig Martin Male  
Helen Martin Female  
Laura Martin Female  
wayne martindale Male East Hull Harriers & AC
steve mason Male  
Chris Mather Male Barton & District AC
Simon Matson Male Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Paul Maunoury Male  
Sam McAllister Male  
Mark  McAvoy  Male  
Terry McCarthy Male  
James Mcmullen Male  
Nicola McPhun Female  
Maisie  McWilliam Female  
Andrew Meek Male  
Katherine  Meek Female East Hull Harriers & AC
Joe  Mercer  Male  
des miles Male  
jason mills Male White City (Hull) RRC
Damian Mitchell Male  
Sara Mitchell Female  
Kevin Moody Male  
ian moore Male  
Joe Moore Male  
Sarah Morley Female Skyrac Athletic Club
Shaun Morris Male  
Cheryl Morrod Female  
Venika Moverley Female East Hull Harriers & AC
Stacy Mowforth Female  
George Murphy Male City of Hull AC
Maureen Murray Female  
Jenny Nettleton Female  
Keith Nettleton Male  
Becky Newton Female  
Georgi Newton Female Ackworth Road Runners
Rob Newton Male  
Simon Newton Male Ackworth Road Runners
Andrew Norman Male East Hull Harriers & AC
richard Northage Male  
Sam Northage Male  
Barry Norton Male Skegness & District Running Club
Janet  Norton Female Skegness & District Running Club
Rob Nutt Male  
Cheryl Oakshot Female City of Hull AC
Michael Oberg Male  
Stephen Ogden Male Beverley Athletic Club
Rachel Olsen Female East Hull Harriers & AC
Anna O'Mara Female  
Kristian O'Neil Male  
Vicki Paddison Female  
Andrew  Paddison  Male  
Richard Parker Male City of Hull AC
david parkes Male White City (Hull) RRC
David Parkin Male Driffield Striders
Zoe  Parkin Female Driffield Striders
Sharon Parsons Female Scarborough Athletic Club
Daniel Patrick Male  
Sally Patrick Female  
ian pattison Male  
John Pawson Male City of Hull AC
Christopher Payne Male  
Emma-Louise Peacock Female  
Stephen Peacock Male Beverley Athletic Club
james pearson Male City of Hull AC
Helen Penn Female City of Hull AC
Jamie Penn Male City of Hull AC
Kevin Penny Male  
Trevor Peters Male City of Hull AC
Barry Pickering Male Selby Striders
Diane Pickering Female West Hull Ladies
Jean Pickering Female Selby Striders
William Pike Male Bridlington Road Runners
Kathryn  Pinchbeck  Female Danum Harriers
Matthew Pinder Male East Hull Harriers & AC
Andy Playford Male  
Lee Poulter Male  
Ken Poyner Female  
Bev Procter Female Barton & District AC
Jennifer Prowse Female  
Alison Pullan Female  
Josh Rabet Male  
Claire Reed Female  
Richard Rex Male City of Hull AC
Malcolm Rhodes Male Rotherham Harriers and AC
Sarah Richards Female  
Barbara Roberts Female  
Ivor Roberts Male Beverley Athletic Club
Jennifer Roberts Female  
Kirsty Robinson Female  
Owen Robinson Male  
Karl Rolstone Male East Hull Harriers & AC
Suzie Rowe Female  
Mark Russell Male  
Helen Rutter Female Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Peter  Schofield  Male  
David Roy Scott Male Barton & District AC
neil scruton Male Scarborough Athletic Club
John Sculthorpe Male  
Paula Shann Female  
Dan Shaw Male  
Paul Shaw Male Scunthorpe & District AC
Jeff Shelton Male Skegness & District Running Club
Mike Sheridan Male  
samantha slatter Female  
Carol Smith Female  
Lisa Smith Female  
Walter Somerville Male  
Graham Southard Male City of Hull AC
Nicola Spencer Female  
Sadie Spencer Female Kingston upon Hull AC
Kelly Stables Female  
Richard Stanton Male  
Andy Steel Male Kingston upon Hull AC
Dominic Stevenson  Male  
Lucie Stevenson  Female  
Graeme Sutton Male  
Ellie Syrett Female  
Sue Taft Female West Hull Ladies
Fiona Taylor Female  
shaun taylor Male Wolds Veteran RC
stephen tetley Male  
Pete Thomas Male  
Gillian  Thompson  Female  
Sean  Thompson  Male East Hull Harriers & AC
Colleen  Thundercliffe Female  
Mark Thundercliffe Male  
Charlotte Tomlin Female  
Joanne Tomlin Female  
Mike Train Male  
Wendy Tucker Female  
Annemarie Turner Female  
Riccardo Tursi Male  
Natalie Tuthill Female  
David Varley Male York Knavesmire Harriers
Laura Vayro Female  
Valerie Waby Female  
Anthony Walker Male Barton & District AC
Anthony Walker Male  
Janice Walker Female Yorkshire Wolds Runners
Jason  Walker Male  
Jessica Walker Female  
John Walker Male Fitmums and Friends
Melanie Walker Female Barton & District AC
nigel wallis Male  
Francis Washington Male Cleethorpes and District AC
Mark Waterson Male  
Marina Watkinson-Mulvey Female  
Hayley Watson Female Kingston upon Hull AC
Michael Watson Male City of Hull AC
Garry Watts Male  
Richard Watts Male Sheffield RC
John Webster Male  
Christine Whitehouse Female Beverley Athletic Club
Karen Whitelam  Female  
Anthony whitley Male  
Chris wilkinson Male  
Gemma Willingham-Storr  Female  
Craig  Wilson Male UKRunChat Running Club
Mark Wilson Male Beverley Athletic Club
Leon Winterbottom Male  
Louise Wisson Female  
Tom  Wood Male Scunthorpe & District AC
Michael Woodcock Male  
Daniel Woodforth Male Barton & District AC
Mark Wragg Male City of Hull AC
Ian Wright Male City of Hull AC
Paul Wright Male East Hull Harriers & AC