Club Trip September 7th-8th 2019 Lake District

Book now for this year's club trip to the Lakes!



We will be running a Lakeland Trail 15k Trail Race

You can choose the 1pm Challenge option (3hour cut off- also suitable for walkers) or the 2pm Race option (2 hour cut off) Early bird entries now open- these races do sell out.

We will be staying overnight at which is licensed (so no need to bring own) and there is a pub nearby.

Bed for the night £25

Delicious 3 Course home cooked meal £12.95 (paid by club social fund)

Breakfast £6.25

I'm taking payments of £25 by the 14th Feb to ensure your place. Payment details have been emailed to all club members or please ask me.

On Sunday we will have a group walk before lunch and home.

Don't worry if you are new to the club we are very friendly and we would encourage you to come along and get to know your team mates.

Let us know that you have booked your place or that you just simply want to come and support by emailing Helen HERE.

You don't have to run to come! Just let us know that you're not running but would like to come and support everyone.

Those that have confirmed they have entered or want to support are listed below:-

# Name
1 F1. Helen Duncan- Challenge Option- Room PAID
2 M1. Jim Rogers
3 Steve Platten- Challenge Option- OWN ACCOM
4 Shaneen Platten- Challenge Option OWN ACCOM
5 M2. Jim Spurgeon- Room PAID
6 M3. Paul Furness- Room PAID
7 F2. Lydia Hields- Room PAID
8 M4. Paul Cartwright- Race Option- Room PAID
9 M5. John Smith- Race Option- Room PAID
10 M6. Mark Keen - Room PAID
11 F3. Karen Green- Room PAID
12 M7. Peter Lee- Room PAID
13 M8. Carl Horth- Room PAID
14 F4. Colleen Thundercliffe- Room PAID
15 F5. Lucy Khan
16 M9. Jim Harlock- Room PAID
17 F6. Verena- Room PAID (CASH)
18 M10. Rupert Wilks- Race Option- Room PAID
19 M11. Steve Holmes- Room PAID
20 M12. Jacob Zobkiw- Race Option- Room PAID
21 F7. Tania Cream- Room and BF PAID (CASH)
22 M13 Sean Rouse (not racing) Room PAID
23 M14. Matt Whitaker- Room PAID
24 F8. Nicky Whitaker- Room PAID
25 M15. Paul Bowman- Race Option - Room PAID
26 F9. Claire Bowman- Room PAID
27 Helen Cattermole- OWN ACCOM (meal)
28 Robin Cattermole. OWN ACCOM (Meal)
29 F10. Sarah Tock- Room PAID
30 M16. Ivor Roberts - Room PAID
31 F11. Sam Wishart- Room PAID
32 M17. Wayne M- Room PAID
33 F12 Sally Precious- Room PAID CASH
34 M18. Martin Precious- Room PAID CASH
35 F13. Judith Lawtry- Room PAID CASH
36 M19 Stephen Voase- Room PAID (&Breakfast)
37 F14. Suzie Bell- Room PAID
38 M20. Stephen Hall- Room PAID




44. Derek Ricketts (will see us there)




Transportation Details

Car share please!