The London Marathon

Club Places Criteria

To be eligible for one of the club places and be entered into the club ballot you need to :-

1. Have been a member for over 1 year

2. Not have received a club place during the last 5 years

3. Be able to provide proof of rejection for the coming race (email or photo of the magazine with name and address)

4. Must be a fully paid up member as of the 1st April this current year

5. Must have COHAC as their first claim club

Next year, 2018 ballot draw for the 2019 London Marathon, there will be two separate draws for male and female club members. providing we get 2 places allocated to us again?!

When / where and how to enter will be published by email to club members in due course (Usually late October)

The number of entries given to each club is based on the number of affiliated first claim registered members over the age of 18 the club has.

Club Members / Marathon places (2018 quota)

As can be seen club allocated places have been reduced again this year.

10-150   members  1 place
151-250       " 2   "
251-350      " 3   "
351+             " 4    "


More info on this allocation process can be found HERE London Marathon Club Places

If you are lucky enough to get a club place or have been successfull in the London Marathon Ballot, the club operates a hotel and transport service at cost, details are HERE

2018 Places where won by Nick Frere and Rupert Wilks

2017 Places where won by Darren Wilson and Carl Horth 
2016 Places where won by Steve Rennie and Sam Mould
2015 Places where won by Ian Fergusson, Fiona Robinson and David Rivers