Men's Captain


Men’s Captain - Andy Guymer

I was a late starter in running, only started early in 2011 on a treadmill just to keep fit, and then in the June of that year I decided to run the Humber Bridge  Half Marathon with not much serious training and my luck it was one of the hottest or was the hottest in the history of the race.

After that I fell in love with running and I have been running ever since.

Then in March 2012 I joined City Of Hull AC and I have had the best time of my life while wearing the Purple Vest, and yes I have had up and downs, more downs if anything but I’ve always stuck in there.

I have taken part in quite a few team events over the time I have been with the club and I have always enjoyed them as you run against the best in the country, I’m not the fastest at the club by a long way but I always give 110% for the club  and they are always a good day out.












Vice Captain - Jamie Penn

I have been running for 3 years & I have also been the co-event director of the Humber Bridge parkrun for that length of time too.


I initially began running when my daughter told me that she wanted to see me for longer, which pushed me into making a radical change to my life. I did so and I have lost 8 stone in the process.


I find the most pleasure in helping  and supporting others; any new runners who are looking at starting from scratch in order to improve their well being, their fitness and any future goals that they may have. I was involved with a successful Couch to 5k programme for two years and I now organise a group on a Wednesday evening for those runners of a pace between 10-11 minute miles.

I am looking at running my first marathon within the next year, but my prefered distance is the half marathon.

My most enjoyable race to date was a Cakeathon in Kent last year. And yes, it is as great as it sounds. I will be doing it again this year.


My family and I have just recently taken on the organising of the hill training sessions on a Friday evening too, which we hope people will utilise as part of their training with this great club.


It is an honour to be Vice Captain for City of Hull and I look forward to be supporting such an inspirational men’s captain.

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