​Northern 6&4 stage road relays

​What a great day out it was at sport City for the 6 stage relays. It is always a pleasure to represent the club againt some of the fastest runners in the north of england and possibly the country. The weather ended up being better then it was predicted earlier on in the week apart from the sixth leg when Mark Gronow started running in the sun but ended up finishing very wet. It was a pleasure leading our team of six runners, it was just unfortunate that it was on the same day as the Hull Marathon and relays this year. We finished in 102nd place out of 128.

Andrew Lawtey ran the first leg in 24.04, them Tim Savage ran the 2nd in 24.55, then James Pearson ran the third in 26.01, then i ran the 4th in 26.41, then Paul Bowman ran the 5th in 26.29 then Mark Gronow ran the anchor leg in 27.46.

In all it was a fantastic day out as these team events always are.

A special mention has to go out to the two ladies teams who finished in 6th and 66th position out of 98, and well done to Carla Stansfield who ran the 10th fastest leg of all.