Northern Road Relays



Northern Autumn Road Relays

This is a massive thank you to everyone who represented the club at the road relays at sport city, Manchester. We managed to get 2 Mens teams and Two Ladies teams out. Everyone who ran had a fantastic time and they gave their all for the club and some very good fast times were produced.

The Mens A team which included David Ball (21.27) Pete Baker (23.55) James Pearson (23.50) Nic Harne (24.22) Andy Guymer (25.46) Daniel Aldus (25.22) finished in 73rd place.

The Mens B team which included Graham Cook (27.31) Ian Wright (27.38) Paul Bowman (26.11) James Abel (28.18) Patrick Walker (32.48) Mark Waterson (30.49) finished in 108th place.

The Womans A team which included Sophie Lee (21.36) Naomi Bright (24.13) Corinna Turner (25.13) Pamela Tarbet (26.10) finished in 26th place.

The Womans B team which included Hannah Harne (26.19) Lucy Chrost (27.32) Karen Green (27.10) Sarah Mitchell (26.26) finished in 52nd place.

There was also Madeleine Chadwick who was the only runner in the incomplete Womans C team. In all this was a very sucessful and most important very enjoyable day.