Your Committee


Who are we?


Committee Members are:

Chairperson - Chery Oakshott

Treasurer - Denise Thompson

Secretary - Lucy Khan

Membership - Hannah Harne

Men's Captain - Andy Guymer

Men's Vice Captain - Jamie Penn

Women's Captain - Madelaine Chadwick

Women's Vice Captain - Corinna Turner 

Vets Captain - Fiona Robinson

Committee Club Member (Non officer roles) - John Smith / Jim Coldwell / Paul Davis / Judith Lawtey / Ellen Messingham / Peter Taylor / Sam Mould / Helen Penn

Want to become a committee member but think you've missed your chance, NO YOU HAVEN'T! Just because the AGM has been and gone you can still approach any of the committee members and express your interest. Your involvement at an early stage would make it an easier transition into the role, by taking small steps and gaining all the knowledge of the pressent member. So don't delay get involved today.