Tuesday Evening

18:45 start from Warners Gym, Pickering Road.

Various distance runs from 5 to 8 miles with a chance to do extra if you want.

Tuesday Evening club runs (updated for Covid-19 guidance)

Starting at Warners Leisure Center, Pickering Road, Hull. Assemble for a 6.45pm start.

*** COVID-19 UPDATES ***

Firstly, all runners will be required to sign in using PlaceTrace, link is HERE. This is required for each run you attend, it only takes 30 seconds to do!

Secondly, while things settle down and to allow us to get into routine, we'll be keeping it simple with two routes (Willerby and Hessle) which will alternate each week. We'll be colour-coding the routes: Willerby will be for BLUE week, Hessle will be for RED week.

These will be pinned to the notice board. The routes will be alternate in order that all runners can familiarise themselves with the route, and the faster runners can jog on... and the slower runners don't get lost and can continue at their own pace without pressure.

There are various groups running so there should always be someone at your pace. No one is left behind.

BLUE week: Willerby

Short route: 5.1 miles (LINK)

Medium route: 5.9 miles (LINK)

Long route: 7.2 miles (LINK)
















RED week: Hessle


Short route: to follow (approx. 5 miles)

Medium route: 6.1 miles (LINK)

Long route: 7.1 miles (LINK)