Club membership runs from 1st April to 31st March. 

We offer 3 types of membership and fees are set at the following:

  • Full Year First Claim Membership - £28 (includes England Athletics registration)
  • Half Year (from 1st October) First Claim Membership - £21.50 (includes England Athletics registration)
  • Second Claim Membership - £15

Key Benefits

Our membership offers great value for money:

  • 8 Club training sessions throughout the week including speed work, hill work, track session, road runs and cross country runs
  • 3 qualified coaches
  • Subsidised travel and entry to regional and national team events
  • Free entry to the East Yorkshire Cross Country League
  • Free entry to the Winter League
  • Guaranteed entry to the Champagne League
  • Organised events such as the London Marathon trip and mens and ladies training weekends

Don't forget we also get discounts from several stores and our local Humber Runner, details here

Want to join us?

Existing Members - How to Renew

We have changed the way you can renew your membership to try and make things quicker and more efficient for both the Club to manage and for you as members.

On 1st April you will receive an email from England Athletics which will contain a link to PayZip, which will allow you to renew your subscription by debit or credit card. Once you have done this you are fully paid up and you will automatically be registered with England Athletics. Please look out for this email.

Should you have any changes to your personal details, such as a new address or email address, you can update your record through the Members portal, which you can access with your registration number (the one you use to enter races).

If you do not have access to a computer please speak to a member of the Committee, as we can still accept cash and cheque payments.

If you are a current member renewing your membership please do not fill in a form on the website as it is no longer required. 


New Members and Second Claim Members

If you are new to the club or would like to join as a second claim member, please fill in the form below so we have your details.  We will then be able to send you the link to enable you to pay when we have registered you. 

Please have a look around the website for details of our training sessions and upcoming events, and also to purchase your kit through the Club Shop.


Transferring from Another Club

If you are transferring to us from another club you need to apply through England Athletics. Instructions can be found at

Once England Athletics have accepted your transfer we can send you the link to pay your City of Hull AC subscription.


Contact Us

If you have any queries please contact a Committee member or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.