Virtual Champagne League 2020

Race #2 - Beverley Westwood

21st - 28th July

Starting area - HU17 8QZ

Champagne League Race 2

Entries open - Tuesday 21st July

Entries close - Tuesday 28th July

Results are to be submitted to Lucy Khan by no later than 7pm on Tuesday 28th July.

Beverley Westwood HU17 8QZ

This race is run clockwise around the Westwood.

Course Stats:

Distance: 3.4 miles
Minimum Elevation: 65 feet
Maximum Elevation: 179 feet
Total climb: 186 feet
Total descent: 185 feet


Note - this is the map for the Virtual Champagne League race #2 (July 21st-28th). Please ignore the map header as we're re-using assets!