Virtual Champagne League 2020

Race 3 - Raywell

Starting area - HU16 5WG (see below re: parking)

HU16 5WG will put you in the tea rooms in Raywell Park, but you should see the cars parked at Wauldby Green and along Eppleworth Road.

Course Stats:

Distance: 8.2 miles
Total climb: 626 feet
Total descent: 645 feet

Some Race History

This race first started in 1984, since then, there were 2 years that the race wasn't run. In 2001, most of our courses were out of bounds because of restrictions imposed by the Foot and Mouth Disease restrictions. The 2007 event was cancelled because of the infamous Hull Floods, which hit us the day before the event. Although some people who turned up suggested the course was passable (with care), the main problem was that many roads in the Hull and surrounding area were still impassable, and many were in shock because of water damage to their homes (including the Event Organiser at the time, Dave Brooke)






The start and finish point are in the exact same place. Where you enter the bottom of Raywell from the road, please walk along the bottom path for about 60m, which is the start/finish point.

From there travel along the bottom path in a straight direction, taking no deviations until you hit the road. Please take care crossing the road, which will take you to the off road trail at the very top of spout hill. Travel half way down spout hill, turning left into the woods. Follow the trail and run through the gate on the right to the bottom of Peggy Farrow. You will exit Peggy Farrow at the bottom of Elloughton Dale.

Turn left and run up Elloughton Dale Road until you reach the first turning right into the woods, (at the wooden sign and gate). This takes you up a steep hill. Follow the path and take the most direct path straight ahead, which will bring you back out on the road, next to riding stables. Turn left out of the gate, keeping the stables to your left. Take the first road right onto a concrete road, (Please stick to the trail running parallel to the private road), then take the first left turn into the field leading to the pond, then once you have reached the pond, turn right and run past the farm to the bottom of the path. Turn left towards bluebell woods and enter the woods, turning right at the first opportunity. Follow the top path as far as you can then turn left down the steep hill to the finish.... Easy, right??