Virtual Champagne League 2020

Race 5 (bonus race!) - Brantingham to Raywell point-to-point

Starting area - HU15 1QE will put you a the bottom of Spout Hill in Brantingham.

And you won't be alone for this one...

Virtual Champagne League Race 5

Brantingham to Raywell HU15 1QE

Parking. This is a point to point race from Brantingham to Raywell. Usual practice is for people to either park at one end and car share to the other or visa versa.

There is also the possibility to park at the halfway point where the end of Spout Hill meets Elloughton Dale as marked on the map, then walk/jog/run to the start or back to the car from the finish! If you wish to do this use postcode HU15 1QS which will put you on Lambwell Hill (Where the purple marker is on the map).

Now here's the twist - you will be running this event in pairs, with the slowest of the two times to count!


Course Stats:

Distance: 3.6 miles
Minimum Elevation: 110 feet
Maximum Elevation: 481 feet
Total climb: 370 feet
Total descent: 271 feet