Committee Members Needed

Club Members

Don't wait till the AGM when all the committee posts are available for nominations.

If you are interested contact Lucy Khan, for the role responsibilities select them from the bottom of this page.

Committee member roles listed below

Added: Monday 13 May 2019

Committee Members Needed

All committee member post are available at the AGM, but don't wait till then.

Contact the committee member you are interested in helping / taking over from now. Its the early bird that catches the worm! This will also give you chance to operate in a VICE role long enough for you to learn how / what / why. You may find that it's not for you early on, you may find that you are only able to continue to help in the limited capacity of the VICE role, we are not expecting you you jump in and 'run'. You will never be left alone not knowing what to do, just give it a try. It'll look great on you CV.

Specific roles that are available:-

Website editor - There are several section to the website, so no one person will have to do everything.


The committee meets on the first Monday of each month (except July / August) at Warner Gym

So if you've got a few hours to spare to help your club, get in touch. Without you we cannot exist!

Don't forget the AGM, details HERE