City of Hull Track Championships

Costello Stadium

If you have any questions not answered here please contact :- Phil Lambert


If you're running, please bring someone to help with lap counting.

COH Track Championships 2017

2019 track races will be held on the following dates:

5000m - 7pm Wednesday 18th September 2019
3000m - 7pm Wednesday 25th September
1 Mile - 7pm Wednesday 2nd October 2019

Please register about 18:15, so sufficient time to issue numbers and allocated runners into races if we need more than one race.

The track is booked between 7 - 8 pm, so there is no need to pay the entrance fee. Cyclists may be racing around the grassed bank, so be aware the car park may be full.

If you are not running I would appreciate your help with lap counting and recording finishing places.

The races are free to enter for CoHAC members.

Please contact Phil Lambert if you intend to run using the link in the header of this page above.

Results will be posted HERE