EYCCL Race 1

Bishop Wilton

YO42 1SW

Parking is very limited at this event so don't forget to car share

EYCCL Race 1

Bishop Wilton

All RESULTS will be posted here EYCCL RACE RESULTS

Club Vests to be worn by ALL runners or you may be disqualified.

NO headphones of any type due to sections of the race being on the road.

Route: 5.8 miles, hilly especially at the start and finish. Studs / grippy trial shoes recommended as mud can be widespread!! Some of this route is run on private land with kind permission from the owner, please DO NOT try and do a recce run.

FacilitiesWith a view to fostering a good relationship with the local residents Pocklington Runners have hired the Village Hall and the local Womens Institue ladies to serve Teas, Coffees,Biscuits,Cakes from 9.00am to 12 Noon. All are welcome, Runners, Families and Friends and we look forward to seeing you all there.

We reallise that there are a few of you who are concerned it may lead to less of an atmosphere at the finish if people don’t hang around so much but we feel that it is worth a try and we will review it for next year. Water will be available at the finish and we will put a Gazebo up for anyone who wants to leave warm clothes at the finish to wear whilst you are waiting for fellow club members to finish.

Should you wish to make arrangements within your own club to have hot drinks at the finish then that is up to you but we want to enable as many runners as we can to race from Pocklington and can’t man all the marshall points and do an in-field tea-bar aswell. We especially want to make sure we have more course marshalls after last years incident with an injured runner. Hope you understand.

Changing and Showers will be available at the Village Hall for anyone who wants to use them.

Parking: Parking is limited so car share. Parking will be at the Village Hall/Playing Fields on Worsendale Road subject to dry(ish) conditions. If we are unable to park on the field we ask that you park in the village responsibly so as not to upset the residents.


Course Stats:

Distance: 5.8 miles
Minimum Elevation: 220 feet
Maximum Elevation: 756 feet
Total climb: 828 feet
Total descent: 806 feet


Route Descrption

From start at the crossroads. Slight uphill on tarmac road to the turn right onto off road. Quick decision time for other than leaders - stile or bypass if a queue.

Then mostly uphill to the sharp right and a flat section to shortly after a road crossing, then a long downhill section to the lower part of the course after the bend. This is flat and lengthy to the next sharp right. It can be very muddy in parts, but probably not this year. However unless you are leading, watch which part of the field,(there is no established track), the race leaders are taking to avoid any really muddy parts.

At the sharp right turn, there is a mostly uphill but not steep section, at the end of which is a tarmac road adjacent to a church.

After this and a right turn, there is slight uphill grass section, and then the slightly downhill bendy part. The final section is a steep downhill to the finish. This is notorious for rabbit holes, so watch where you are going, is the proferred advice at the race briefing, although I am not aware of such causing a problem, but the steep downhill could a problem for tired legs.


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