Monday - Humber Bridge Speed Work

18:30 Main Car Park (See Map)

Total session time approx 30min

HU13 0LN

Monday - Humber Bridge

18:30 Main Car Park (See Map)

Total session time approx 30min, with chance for a natter at the end.

Why do speed work.

You don't have to run fast in training, but as a new runner, chances are you’re running over the same roads or on the same treadmill at the same speed every day. You’re using the same muscles in the same manner every time you lace up your trainers. Then, when it comes to race time, you find yourself stuck in second gear from start to finish. In order to start shifting speeds, your metronomic muscle memory will need some new stimulation, this is achieved by mixing in some speed work into your training.


How do you do that?.

Come to Monday evening speed, it's free, what can be better than that.

The course is laps of the second car park (tarmac) so road shoes are fine, see the map, don't worry you won't get dizzy!


All sessions and laps are run at your own pace, you can push yourself as hard or as little as you want, or you can run alongside one of our club members for support and encouragement if needed.

The speed sessions are varied each week.

Previous sessions have been:

Run for 90 seconds then rest (jog/walk) for 45 seconds completed 12 times

Run 60 seconds rest 30 seconds completed 16 times

Run 60 seconds rest 60 seconds then run 90 seconds rest 60 seconds repeat 5 times

Run 30 seconds rest 30 seconds 10 times then 1 minute recovery repeat 2 time