Place & Trace

We now have our own registration service which will be required for all runners attending each official club run.

Bookmark it on your phone, tablet and computer!

For club runs to return we'll need to be Covid-19 compliant and part of that is a need to ensure we have a registration system in place. This is in case we have a request for data from NHS Track & Trace.
We've used a local company to build a page for us - called Place & Trace - and runners need to get used to "signing in" for every club session they attend. The page is live (link) and will be ready for whenever club runs return (ideally, very soon!) so we'd ask that people a) bookmark it and b) familiarise themselves with the site.
Signing in takes all of 30 seconds to do and needs to be done for everybody attending each club run. The onus is on you to fill in the form within 24 hours of attending (ideally you'll sign in when you start). If the system doesn't get used, club runs will have to cease again.
Covid-19 guidance is changing regularly but, for now, we can get back to club running. Further details about club sessions will be conveyed in due course.