Hull Harriers

Prominent amongst Hull Athletic Club members were George Lidiard and Charles Campion Merrikin. Lidiard owned a considerable reputation as an amateur track athlete: in 1885 - when the average wage was little more than £1 per week - he was to win £40 worth of prizes over the summer.

Lidiard had established his reputation with South London Harriers, one of the earliest such clubs, and probably missed the winter cross-country or harrier season that had gradually been developing down south since the formation of Thames Hare and Hounds in the later 1860s. C.C. Merrikin (1860-1939) was another successful track athlete as well as a leading member of Hull Bicycle Club and a most popular figure on the local sporting scene. These two, together with several other local sportsmen, including V. Lassen, W.C. Mayfield and W.H. Pearson, were to form Hull Harriers in the autumn of 1882.