Inter-Club Runs

Attempts were soon made to establish formal inter-club runs with C.D. Hiscocks (Nightingales) and C. Pearson (Collegiate) taking the lead. 

Pearson (Collegiate) taking the lead. The latter invited all clubs to a run from the cemetery gates on Spring Bank on Christmas Day 1885 but it is not clear just how successful this venture was and Hull Harriers were reported to have planned a similar event for later in the season.

The Nightingales rounded off their first season with a run on Good Friday 1886. A wagonette conveyed them from their headquarters at the Crown and Cushion Inn down the Land of Green Ginger to Walton Street where the hares set off with bags. The pack then followed a circuitous route through Hessle, on to the foreshore and through the chalk pits (now known as Little Switzerland or the Humber Bridge Country Park). Ploughed fields were crossed before Ferriby was reached en route for Welton. A game of football then followed in Welton Dale before a wagonette carried them back to the club headquarters where a grand dinner was demolished.